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Asesoría en MArbella, laboral fiscal y contable
Curriculum Vitae


Our employment service is based on managing all aspects related to labor: payroll, hiring and termination, employment contracts, social security contributions, and more, while ensuring compliance with labor regulations and legal procedures related to Social Security.

We help you comply with legal requirements, optimize labor resources and costs, and most importantly, provide the necessary peace of mind by creating a labor framework that suits your company and carrying out all necessary labor procedures.

Our services can be summarized in the following points:

  • Registering and deregistering employees with Social Security.

  • Drafting and processing employment contracts.

  • Processing sick leave or accident reports.

  • Calculating payroll or salary sheets.

  • Calculating and submitting social security contributions.

  • Calculating severance payments.

  • Calculating and processing final settlements.

  • Legal and labor advice and assistance.

Gestoría en Marbella


The requirements of running a business are becoming increasingly diverse, which is why we believe that effective tax advice requires proper financial advisory services.

We assess your company's finances, risk profile, and needs to develop strategies and provide recommendations on investment and financial resources. We act as intermediaries with your financial institution to ensure a smooth process.

In addition, we offer private banking services to both individuals and companies. We tailor our service to the needs of each investor and develop personalized fund portfolios for our clients, providing diversification, liquidity, and tax benefits through investment funds.

Our exclusive financial service includes managing personal, family, and business wealth, providing financial and tax planning, as well as assisting with family business succession.



While our clients focus on their main activities, we process the provided information by carrying out all accounting entries, analyzing it, and providing a report to help them make strategic decisions.

Good accounting information is essential for any business owner. It is crucial to answer important questions such as:

  • Where are we?

  • Where are we headed?

  • Is that where we want to go?

  • Can we correct our course?

Our accounting services can be summarized as follows:

  • Advice, design, planning, organization, and implementation of business accounting.

  • Study, organization, and review of accounting.

  • Updating of accounting records.

  • Analysis of obtained accounting information.

  • Preparation, formulation, and processing, based on the documentation provided by the company, of the annual accounts that all companies must submit to the Mercantile Registry.

  • Preparation and legalization of official accounting books.

  • Pre-audit of accounts.

  • Any other accounting-related management related to the company's legal obligations.



Our tax advisory service is focused on helping the client meet their tax obligations, both material (payment of taxes) and formal (information obligations to the AEAT), advising them at all times to seek the greatest possible tax savings, always within the legality and current regulatory framework.

Our services can be summarized in the following points:

  • Tax planning and auditing.

  • Tax studies and reports.

  • Personal Income Tax.

  • Value Added Tax.

  • Corporate Income Tax.

  • Tax on Economic Activities.

  • Census declaration: registrations, cancellations, and changes.

  • Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.

  • Inheritance and Gift Tax. Advice on inheritances.

  • Intracommunity Operations (Intrastat).

  • Tax inspections: legal representation and assistance before different Administrations, defense, response to requests, settlements, and appeals related to different types of taxes.

  • Prior advice, from a tax point of view, on the most suitable legal form for the creation of a business.

  • Tax analysis of the creations, transformations, mergers, and liquidations of companies, as well as in real estate and financial investments.

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